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HTTP requests manager for MacOS CocoaRestClient || Менеджер HTTP запросов CocoaRestClient для MacOS

Простое и легкое нативное приложение для MacOS, аналог Postman с меньшим функционалом. Но давайте будем честными, все ли используют тот же Postman на 100%? Вполне достаточно стандартных параметров запросов и возможность сохранить в коллекцию.


Simple and lightweight app for Mac with simpler features set compared to Postman. But, let's clarified, we don't use all Postman functionality. I think, you had quite enough default request parameters and  ability to save your own collection.


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Set request body to arbitrary content

Set request headers

Edit URL parameters in an easy to read table

Set HTTP basic & digest auth

Auto-format (pretty print) XML, JSON, and MsgPack responses

Some cool Ace Editor themes for syntax highlighting

Display response headers

Quick save requests in a handy sidebar using folder organization

Upload files and form data via multipart/form-data

Enter POST/PUT input as raw input or key/value pairs

Reports response latency

Command-R reloads last request

Lightweight: Low real memory usage and < 6mb DMG

SSL Support (including untrusted certificates)

Optionally follows HTTP redirects

Import and export requests

New in version 1.4: Uses native macOS tabs and windows.

New in version 1.4.3: Generate a unified diff between two response body tabs

Supports native MacOS dark mode

Mac M1/arm and intel processor support